Geyser Holistic Living

Geyser Holistic Living offers an integration of four basic holistic healing approaches as well as some ancillary services: Quantum energy  may assist in healing of physical, mental and emotional issues. This work can be very effectively done long distance as well as in person. Hands-on healing (hot hands) where the healer channels healing energy for the benefit and highest good of the client. Past Life Regression (Future Life Progression) facilitation for those clients seeking healing for unhealthy life patterns. Guided Imagery for Healing - Our Body Release TechniqueTM uses guided imagery which may alleviate symptoms for individuals with chronic pain or discomfort.

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Jane Phillips

Jane Phillips, Medical Intuitive, Life/Business Coach and President of Geyser, LLC, and Geyser Holistic Living, received her certification in medical intuition and quantum energy healing through Kim Seer, an internationally known and respected medical intuitive and owner of Seer Holistic Health Associates.

Her hands-on-healing and psychic training were through  Echo Bodine’s Center for Spiritual Development in Minneapolis, MN. She is also a graduate of Julia Ingram’s Past Life Regression(PLR) training and a certified PLR facilitator.

In addition, Jane is also co-active business and personal coach, a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute and of Pro-Coach. Her Body Release Technique is a cellular release healing technique unique to Geyser Healing.


The chronic back pain that started 14 months ago was not responding to anything. After using the Body Release Technique in two one hour sessions with Jane my back pain is totally gone and has never come back. Simply amazing!  - Sonia Fortier, 
Minneapolis, MN*

"Not only are Jane's services filled with insight and comforting nuances, but she follows up with me on her work, and is ready to help me make adjustments to continue to move in a helpful direction. She gives/provides far more than I anticipated, and I am deeply grateful." - C.Vega, New Jersey*

"Jane is a very uniquely gifted holistic healer, her distance work for me was handled professionally, effectively and timely. She made a remarkable effort to schedule and be available by phone for the four sessions I had with her..."  - K. Patterson, Minnesota*

*Disclaimer: Results vary by situation, there is no guarantee that you will experience something similar.