Flower Essences

Flower Essences*

Geyser uses the full range of flower and energy essences from Perelandra, Ltd., a company located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. At the end of each session, the client is tested for essences to help stabilize and integrate the session.

So what are flower essences?

We have learned that the specific healing and balancing patterns that are vital to humans have been incorporated in the makeup of plant life. That is why we use herbs, essential oils and also flower essences.

These balancing patterns are usually found in the flower petals of the plant. When the petals are placed in water and allowed to sit in the sun for a period of about three hours, that specific healing and balancing pattern is released into the water in a highly condensed form. The water is now called a "tincture." This tinctured "flower essence" is diluted, preserved, usually in brandy (or white vinegar), and is then ready to be taken orally a few drops at a time whenever needed.

Different flowers and plants offer different healing properties and in the hands of a qualified practitioner can greatly enhance a client's ability to integrate their session and heal.

Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS +)

Perelandra, Ltd. has created an energy essence (ETS+) for those times when we have a bit of trauma . . . bad news, an accident, a fall, a wacked finger, etc. And when taken immediately, it is almost foolproof in preventing bruising!

Separate solutions are available for humans, animals and plants.  Purse-size bottles are available for humans and animals at a nominal cost from Geyser, or by going directly to Perelandra's website.

No family, especially those with kids, should be without these solutions in their medicine cabinet and purse or car. They absolutely work! Read our Testimonials »

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Note: The above information is intended for education purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury or taking prescription medications should consult with a physician before adding any supplementation.