We offer intuitive medical healings, holistic therapies, psychic readings and we also work with animals.

Psychic Readings

We offer psychic readings for medical, relationship and business questions plus other topics based upon a client's needs.  Want some insight on a specific issue or maybe even need to visit with a loved one who has passed on? Consider having a reading to get your questions answered.  Sessions generally last one hour, but may be less at the client's discretion. Readings are also available by phone, or email for a lesser charge.

Medical Intuition/Quantum Energy Sessions

For medical conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, auto immune diseases, migraine headaches as well as specific physical conditions such as "bad" knees, shoulders and the like.

Clients with these conditions should continue to consult with their regular doctor; however,  an alternative approach using quantum energy as a complement may substantially reduce or eliminate the symptoms.  Each session is tailored specifically to the client and may combine some of the other therapies.

Guided Imagery for Healing

Our Body Release Technique tm (BRT) is a guided meditation technique that allows the client to look at the root of their aches and pains whether it be from arthritis, a car accident, a fall or simply the aging process. Clients have found BRT may be extremely effective in eliminating or substantially reducing chronic pain or discomfort, often permanently.

With the assistance of the practitioner the client explores, through the use of metaphor, what they are seeing or sensing in the affected part or parts of their body.  The BRT as a healing tool is a synthesis of several processes learned through  years of training and unique to our practice at Geyser.

Land/Space Clearings

Sometimes you need more than sage to clear a space. Working with Nature, the Devas and Pan, we offer energetic clearings for gardens, land,  houses, buildings and office spaces. While it's ideal to be on site for the clearings, they can be done long distance if necessary. All clearings are balanced with flower essences and nutritionals as needed. Sessions range from two to six hours depending upon the size of the property or space.
Visit for more details on these services.

Past Life Regression (Progression) Facilitation

These sessions use a mild hypnosis to assist the client in reviewing a past life or lives, or an earlier time in this life.  The client begins the session by setting an intent for the healing, i.e. what information the client is trying to access. For example, it could be a question about a relationship or a pattern in relationships or a question about why finances are such an issue.  Setting the intent allows the higher self to direct the client to a past life that will give insight into a current life situation.

Occasionally a client would like to see a probable future around an issue. By setting the intent, progressions explore 3-5 possible future outcomes for consideration.

Hands-on Healing

For those individuals wanting a gentle approach to healing, this technique uses channeled energy from God and the Universe to assist healing for the client’s highest good.  Generally this is a very calming therapy. Most clients report feeling extremely relaxed after their session.

Pet/Animal Health

Many of the therapies used at Geyser are equally effective for our animal friends. If you've tried the traditional veterinary route and it's not helping and/or you're not satisfied with the results give us a call, we may be able to help.